Sunday, November 26, 2006


Voila! Here is a photograph I took of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in November, 2006. I was standing on sandy Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, Florida, and facing northward towards Bonita Beach. A winter resort, the city of Naples is located in Southwest Florida. Traditionally, it has been a haven for wealthy winter visitors, but it has grown rapidly in recent years and now boasts many year-rounders. Lovely Naples is the setting I chose for my soon-to-be-published romance novel, A Chance to Say Yes. In upcoming posts, I will share more pictures of this charming locale.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cold-Weather Musings

Becoming a writer has changed my whole approach to existence. Perceptions which once escaped into the ether now loom momentously as raw material to be honed and crafted. Today is my birthday. The previous two years have been the most difficult years of my life. My only solace is that my experiences are no longer in vain. As a writer, I am able to fashion communicable truth from the ruins, or, at least, to strive to do so.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Florida Writers Association Conference at Disney

A whirlwind this week! I just returned from the annual conference of the Florida Writers Association in vibrant Orlando, Florida. This year’s event, held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, was a big hit with members, now 800 strong. On Saturday, I attended informative presentations by authors Dan Poynter (Self Publishing Manual; Skydivers Handbook;, M.B. Weston (A Prophecy Forgotten, available from ArcheBooks Publishing,, and Patricia Camburn Behnke (Tortoise Stew). I only wish I’d had time to attend others, too. Want to see pictures? I took photos of M.B. Weston during her presentation. You can view them at

Also, I met and chatted with a number of aspiring writers, including TMMercury, horror-writer Dan Strohschein, and smiling Sandy, whose last name I missed. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and gathering useful information about the art, craft, and business of writing. Anyone interested in joining the Florida Writers Association can visit the group’s website: Robert Gelinas of ArcheBooks Publishing, Inc., has done a fine job of upgrading the FWA website.

My romance novel, A Chance to Say Yes, is still scheduled for release in March, 2007. I am looking forward to the next few months. Truly exciting!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


What if your old high-school flame disappeared from your life, only to become one of the world’s most popular movie stars? What if he suddenly moved back to town – married now, and with a family of his own – not knowing that, for twenty years, you had kept a guilty secret hidden from him, a secret which, if revealed, could change the course of his life?

Should you tell him the secret --or not?

This is the dilemma confronting lovely art dealer Poppy Craft-Talbot as she struggles to overcome her fear of – and unresolved passion for – gorgeous hunk Heston Demming, the drop-dead handsome movie star and yachtsman who was once her childhood playmate, and who is now the toast of the world. When Heston walks into her art gallery, Poppy realizes she can no longer hide.

Scheduled for release by ArcheBooks Publishing, Inc., in March, 2007,
A CHANCE TO SAY YES is a heartwarming romance novel for women of all ages. Set amidst the wealth and glamour of subtropical Naples, Florida, A CHANCE TO SAY YES takes you inside the private lives of the rich and famous residents of one of Florida’s most desirable beachfront communities.

By Tina Murray
ISBN# H 978-159507-183-5 (Hardcover)
ISBN# E 978-159507-184-2 (Electronic)