Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fall in Love with a Movie Star in Paradise

What if your old high-school flame disappeared from your life, only to become one of the world’s most popular movie stars? What if he suddenly moved back to town – married now, and with a family of his own – not knowing that, for twenty years, you had kept a guilty secret hidden from him, a secret which, if revealed, could change the course of his life?

Should you tell him the secret --or not?

This is the dilemma confronting lovely art dealer Poppy Craft-Talbot as she struggles to overcome her fear of – and unresolved passion for – gorgeous hunk Heston Demming, the drop-dead handsome movie star and yachtsman who was once her childhood playmate, and who is now the toast of the world. When Heston walks into her art gallery, Poppy realizes she can no longer hide.

Set to be released by ArcheBooks Publishing, Inc., in 2007, A Chance to Say Yes is a heartwarming romance novel for women of all ages. The first book in the Demming movie-family saga, A Chance to Say Yes is set amidst the wealth and glamour of subtropical Naples, Florida, A Chance to Say Yes takes you inside the private lives of the rich and famous residents of one of Florida’s most desirable and exclusive beachfront communities. COMING SOON FROM:
By Tina Murray
ISBN# 978-159507-183-5 (Hardcover)
ISBN# 978-159507-184-2 (Ebook)


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