Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Southwest Florida Waterways

Here is a shot I took of a water way in North Naples. If you look closely you can six little birds sitting on one of the power lines. Southwest Florida is a boating haven, a lovely place for cruising and sight-seeing. A sailing yacht is featured in my forthcoming romance novel, A Chance to Say Yes, which is set in beautiful Naples, Florida.


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Sandy Lender said...

For as long as I've lived here, I haven't taken a boat out on the Gulf yet! Fancy that. And I love being out on the water...

Perhaps once we Three Musketeers (you, me and M.B.) have our novels out, we can celebrate with a bottle of wine (or seven) on an evening cruise around the Gulf watching the sun set and the birds beg for fish. It sounds like a great thing to do in April or May.

Sandy L.
"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

At 10:28 PM, Blogger Tina Murray said...

I agree! By then I should be up and running with my digital camera. I'll take some pix of authors at sea.

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Leila said...

Thanks for writing this.


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