Sunday, February 11, 2007

Serene Gulf of Mexico

Finally! A moment to think ... A walk along the shore of the serene Gulf of Mexico is a relaxing diversion from my busy schedule. Here in Naples, Florida, the Gulf can sometimes resemble a placid lake. I love a stormy sea (within reason), but today I need calmness.

This weekend I attended, for the first time, a meeting of the Southwest Florida Romance Writers ( The meeting was held at the lovely Grandezza clubhouse in Estero, Florida. I heard informative and enligtening talks by author Hallie Ephron and literary agent Christina Hogrebe of The Jane Rotrosen Agency in New York. I enjoyed the meeting, met friendly, interesting people, and hope to join the group soon as an official member.

Last weekend, I attended the monthly meeting of the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Writers' Association ( We met at Leapin' Lizards in Cape Coral and had a good crowd. Several of us read pieces aloud. Please feel free to join us for the next get-together, which will be held somewhere in Naples. A new site has not been selected yet. We were holding our Naples meetings at one of the Silver Spoon restaurants, but the restaurant closed.

FYI, Publisher Robert Gelinas has posted a production schedule again on the Archebooks Publishing website
( Among the books listed is my forthcoming romance novel, A Chance to Say Yes, which is set in Naples. (Please scan down and read my previous blog entries if you wish to know about my novel.) ArcheBooks is running special offer right now: a free Ebook to anyone visiting the website. Go for it, please.

By Tina Murray
ISBN# 978-159507-183-5 (Hardcover)
ISBN# 978-159507-184-2 (Ebook)


At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the promise of this new novel. Just the title alone is interesting. Who doesn't crave that once in a lifetime "chance to say yes" to something big and wonderful coming into your life. It's also fun to visit Florida through this author's eyes. I can't get there physically but I enjoyed walking the pier with her. I look forward to the novel publication date so I can dive into her story.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Tina Murray said...

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate the feedback. I hope you will enjoy the book when it's published.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Nigel said...

Sandy told me to visit your site, and now I'm intrigued by the novel you've written. I can see why she thought I'd be interested in you and your work. I'm not one to sit and read a romance novel, but your premise intrigues me, and my recent involvement with Amanda Chariss has me so caught up in all things "romantic" that I believe I'll enjoy the story you've written in spite of my formerly sullen nature.

I'm looking forward to the release of A Chance to Say Yes, and I wish you great success with it.

Nigel Taiman

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought you would enjoy this:
Maura Lucciola’s plan to test the love of her husband goes tragically awry and hurtles her life into chaos, pushing her unsuspecting lover towards madness. An epic tale of erotic intrigue and family dysfunction, Nobody’s Investment is John S. Meade's harrowing look at the inevitability of romantic death amid the conflicting values of love and duty, friendship and betrayal, leadership and loyalty, and good and evil. A modern day masterpiece.



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